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Have you ever wondered how apartment supervisors are able to access all the locks with just a single key? That key is called the master key and has been used widely by hotels, businesses, ware houses, residences and apartments for the ease of use it offers. Instead of carrying a bunch of keys for different locks, proprietors can now gain access with one key that can open all locks. Safe Key Locksmith Service specializes in devising master key solutions and has helped several clients in Paterson, NJ realize the versatility of this feature.

How it works?

A set of locks are configured in such a way that they can be operated by a single key, which is the master key. Such master-keyed locks operate in two ways: one with a master key and one with a key that is specific to the lock. All the locks in the set carry a unique mechanism that can only operated by its change key. The locks are also endowed with an independent second mechanism that is exactly the same as all others in the set.  A master key is crafted to operate all the locks in the set using this second mechanism. In some cases, sub-master keys can also be created for a more hierarchical approach in large organizations

Do you need one?

Master key systems come loaded with tremendous benefits, such as:

  • Safe Key Locksmith Service Paterson, NJ 973-891-3300It eliminates the need for multiple keys
  • One key opens all the locks 
  • Access to specific parts is not taken away due to a misplaced change key
  • Master key allows you to limit the access provided to others
  • Complete control over access to your home or business

Despite the numerous advantages they provide, let the experts at Safe Key Locksmith Service decide whether it’s right for you! Every organization has different needs and while a master key system may fit the needs of most clients, it is wise to get a second opinion from us. We will assess your property in Paterson, NJ area, determine if such a system will work for you and design a solution that is customized as per your requirement

24/7 master key services:

If you need to get a master key system for your business or have misplaced your keys and require a new one, our 24-hour services are available to cater to your request anytime you need it. So call us @ 973-891-3300 and avail affordable and professional locksmith services in Paterson, NJ area.